Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So this is just part of my experimental phase, and clearly Im running out of time but I think I figured it all out. Here is just a few photos of what my process consisted of. Basically I cut down all the ideas I had to just the use of fire. In the first photo is just the 'template' I used before destroying any of the others.  In the inerior I created a few levels just to see how it would end up in helping me to reach towards a final model.  

But at the same time, I have every intension to sticking with my grave to cradle process where from the remains creates a new model per-say.

I thought this ended up very interesting.  Although I only showed 1 of the models, this particular one ended up like this where to me it looks like a parti diagram (2 different colors from the central ash).  With a central circulation and two "spaces" on either side, this actually relates to a lot of diagrams I was working with early on.  

Heres just a video I took of the same burn. 

Sun and Shadow Movement On The Grain Terminal

This is a study on the movement of the Sun and Shadows created by the sun on the Grain Terminal. Thought it may be useful if anyone wanted to concider which direction the sun comes in and how the sun effects the existing building as far as direct lighting and shadows.

Sun and Shadow Movement on Grain Terminal From Eastern Side View

Sun and Shadow Movement on Grain Terminal From Western Side View

~Michael Morgan~

Sweatshop Perspective...

In need of scale figures I know but here the open elevator perspective of the sweatshop

Sketches and Sketch-up

Here's some things I have been working on.
The blocks to the rear are the office/classroom spaces, while the cube at the front is the theatre space. And the silos in between will house the exhibition spaces... I am still working on those.
The 3 seperate programmatic spaces where divided based on where the street grid of Red Hook intersected the building (if the grid were to be extended), as per my half Pecha Kucha from last week.
Let me know what you guys think.... keep in mind this is a total work in progress.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a quick one point, the left cubes(if you will) pertrude out of the building, the cubes to the right of the stick figures are suspended in the air(somehow) it is at 1/4 scale, im sure thats hard to tell, but that guy in front is 6ft tall.

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is for everyon - but also christine too. but the matrix as a movie is an example of a movie ABOUT AN IDEA. also watch and think about how it relates to the class.

this video is more for kelly than anyone - but its funny comparing Fight club to Buddhism. - but its serious too - seriously interesting that is. but right around time 3:00 there is stuff that might pertain to kelly.



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nothing to do with project

This was at the coachella festival, thought it was funny.


Thursday I had mistaken this toy

as a synergy ball.

They're both spheres, but that's about all they have in common.
A synergy ball is a tensegrity sphere whose integrity is based on a synergy between tension and compression . The compression members (rods) are only connected to each other by tension members (cables) giving the structures a very light quality. Bending moments are non-existant within this system of contrasting forces.

Buckminster Fuller coined the term tensegrity after viewing sculptures by Kenneth Snelson

While writing "Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking" (1975), Fuller made the following observation:

"Structural Analysis is predicated on compressional continuity and nature doesn't use it . . . ever."
I'm building some tensegrity "toys" this weekend in the hopes of getting a better understanding of its possible applications.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Most Recent

Elevational Perspective

This is what Ive most recently come to...It is one of two options I felt that I have....The other option is to lose the diagonal window and void out spaces in the knot that are not being used. And the triagular box that is in relation to the presentation of the shoe, im not sure if that is a definite option. The concept is that Americas Materialism (the knot of interior walls) is breaking out of its box into an unrealistic state. Give me some feedback if you get a chance guys!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Interior Section Image

Here's my new plan in trying to create more complex spaces in my museum.

My relationship and concept with the interior walls is all about the "knot". When looking at the sneaker again I felt that the most interesting piece is the shoelaces, and what better to create spaces with than a shoelace type folding walls.

Imagine pulling on the two ends of the building as though it was a shoelace tying the knot.

Also, In relation to site, the walls have a somewhat fluid motion without becoming curved to relate to the tides on the port. Anyways after much diagraming this is what my latest interior Idea is.

Program fits these spaces to complete the inside.

Oh and I've also started to weed out some of the ideas I feel that are less strong and base my building on ones that have more meaning.


just thought i would post some diagrams i've been working on...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CRITS at 500



Wednesday, April 22, 2009


after spending the evening attempting to make the identical room and doors idea work I realized that it really didnt, although maze like there were too many crossing paths, not enough complexity, this has now led me to the classic maze, which is also about choice, I am now laying out mazes in 4 levels (not that easy). side thought includes images of past present and possible future along the paths, something to think about while you 'find your way'.

life size circuit board - facade

sooo...if anyone remembers my pecha kucha from last class owen wasn't realli understanding my concept. did any1 understand it?!? my process started with the fact that the brain is separated into two hemispheres, one that is logical (left side) and the other side that is creative (the right). i then split my building into two sides representing these two halves of the brain. while also researching the brain i found out that the corpus callosum connects both these hemispheres together - therefore i created a central core between these two sides of my building which represents that part of the brain. i decided that i will model both sides of the building according to either of the sides of the brain - one side of the building will be made up of linear, simple structures (left side of the brain-logical) and the other will be one of chaos and randomness (right side of the brain-creative) i plan on the viewers entering the center corridor of the museum which will have two adjacent walls on either side consisting of people sleeping in sleeping pods (logical side-linear and simple, a perfect environment for sleeping) and their dreams projected onto the dream portals across from them (right side-chaotic & random - dreams are creativity at its purest). I picture these dream portals as a large wall of chaos. imagine 468 tv screens all flickering at once (thats what i have in mind). i think walking through this corridor will be an experience to remember in itself and the focal point or "main exhibit" of my museum.
there is access to the sleeping pods located behind the large wall. it consists of a staircase and long corridors spanning the length of the wall.

in the case of the dream portals, there is no reason to have access to them so i dedicated the space behind the dream portals to the "dream theatres". these theatres will allow the viewers to watch the projected dreams more closely, most probably in the form of holograms.

my only problem now is creating these rooms and how they will affect the facade. i am looking into right now modeling the facade to resemble a circuit board. for some reason i feel like it relates back to the overall theme of my project because computers and technology are the future and my project is very much futuristic and also that the circuit board in a computer is often referred to as the "brain" of the CPU and the brain is a main component of my project as well. sooo what i picture is the viewers entering behind this giant wall of projected dreams to find a chaotic series of rooms and pathways. (picture yourself walking through a life size circuit board)

my overall idea is that the museum is not only one of viewing but also one of participating. the viewers themselves will be able to spend time in the sleeping pods and have their dreams projected over to the dream portals and will also be able to view others dreams as well. the whole premise of my project is futuristic, so the concepts i am stating (such as projecting dreams) are totally fictional and imaginative. i hope i made some sense.....

New sketched ideas...

Heres some of my new ideas...don't know if it's too late for you to comment but it's alright if you don't get a chance...The first image is a better programatic diagram the my "questionable" diagonal boxes in the petcha koocha...

Growing neuron contd

This is one of the videos i looked at to see the growth of a neuron, you can see that it is in fact linear which would cause my layout to be linear. I leaning toward the more abstract floor plan, im going to develop in section. Owen, as far as the floor plan showing the relationships, i agree, the more abstract one looks like the diagram i made to show relationships to the neighborhood. Heres a quick reference to the abstract. Red-circulation Blue-Interior/Exhibition space Black-Voided out space

Video of growing neuron

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Floor Plan

A couple ideas for floor plan, went with the "growing neuron" idea forthe first two, the other is more abstract.


Owen you wanted me to tie my idea to the site, this is what ive come up with so far. The characteristics of altered conscious tied to the neighborhood.
Loss of control----------------Community lost control over itself: drugs, gangs took over
Perception of Body------------Neighborhood goes through physical changes: the projects, isolation, business leaves, abandoned warehouses
Changein significance----------The once important port, now nothing
Rejuvination-------------------IKEA, community coming together again, people coming back

Im assuming that images of these such events would describe my process of how i associated one idea with the other? Those would be used in the pecha kucha right?

pecha kucha

My pecha kucha is meant to show the process of being confronted by a choice, in which there is a general negative opinion on one of the options. The second image shows the desire and curiosity one might feel in this situation. third is the ability to see the "light", furthering ones curiosity and pulling them through. The next couple are meant to literally represent a process of "growth" or in this case, the gaining of knowledge and experience on an unfamiliar idea or experience. finally, one is able to see past generalized negative opinions and has the ability to make independent choices, free from pressures of society. 

relating back to the site, red hook is the negative side. it is going to take a process and unbiased understanding and the effort of many people/businesses/government to revive it. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is related to Egyptian, Russian, Chinese, Native American and Japanese cultures. The phoenix is related strictly to the sun. It is a mythical bird that never dies.

Ancient Phoenix of Egypt
The ancient Egyptians linked the myth of the phoenix to immortality that was one of the most important things in their civilization. They referred to it as the Bennu bird, which was the sacred bird of Heliopolis. It was associated with the sun and represented the soul of the sun god, Re. In a later era, the hieroglyph of the bird was used to represent the rising and the setting of the sun. It is also referred to the allegory of the resurrection and of life after death. It was also compared to the undying Rome and it appears on the coinage of the late Roman Empire as a symbol of an Eternal city.

Classical Arabian Phoenix
Large bird, that made its home near a cool well, who would appear at dawn every morning to sing a song so enchanting that Apollo would even stop to listen. To them, there was only one phoenix exhisiting at one time. When the end of its life approached, the phoenix would build a pyre nest, set it on fire, and is consumed in the flames. After three days the rebirth, or birth, or the new phoenix arises from the ashes. The phoenix gathers the ashes of its predecessor into an egg and takes it to Heliopolis (city of the sun) to give it to the alter of the sun god.  Symbolizes the death and rebirth of the sun. During its life it never kills or crushes anything it touches. Generally referred to aas the king of all birds.

Chinese Phoenix (Feng Huang)

In this mythology, the phoenix is a symbol of high virtue and grace. It represents the union of yin and yang. A very gentle creature that never killed anything, and ate only dewdrops. In relation to a house, it symbolized loyalty and honesty to the residents living inside. If an individual wore jewlery with the phoenix, they were said to have high moral values, therefore it was only allowed by people of high importance.
-Appearence is a beack of a cock, face of a swallow, neck of a snake, breast of a goose, the back of a tortoise, and the tail of a fish.
-During the Han period, the phoenix was used asa symbol depicting the direction south shown as a male and female bird facing each other. It was said to represent the confucian virtures of loyalty, honesty, decorum, and justice.

Japanese Phoenix (Hou-Ou/Ho-Oo)

The Ho is the male bird, and the Oo is the female. Resembeling the Chinese Phoenix in looks. Depicted as nesting in a paulownia tree and was thought to only appear at the birth of a virtuous rules and was seen to mark a new era by coming down from the heavens to do good deeds for people. It became adopted as a symbol of the royal family. Represents the sun, justice , fidelity, and obedience.

Do you believe in Destiny or Choice?

My thoughts for my narrative began with the idea of altered perception. Mainly through the aid of using drugs and how they can alter how we perceive things in life, mainly to gain an alternative perspective on how we view things. With the aid of drugs on the mind you are allowed to gain an alternative perception of understanding rather then forcing yourself to see from these perspectives. From there I began to look into probability and illusions and how everything we perceive as individuals is manufactured by the act of observation. It is believed that a single atom is spread about all over the place... until a conscious observer decides to look at it... so the observation by the conscious observer creates the entire universe... This led me to the conclusion that everything we perceive as individuals is created because of CHOICE. We as the active observers CHOOSE to observe these observations thus creating the perspective and illusion of reality around us.

What bothers me is the idea of destiny. I don’t like the theory that our lives are predetermined and that we are fixed into a natural order to the universe. I myself feel bound by the idea of destiny rather than the feeling of freedom which you acquire through choice.

The question then is not about pills, but what they stand for in these circumstances. The question is asking us whether reality, truth, is worth pursuing. The blue pill will leave us as we are, in a life consisting of habit, of things we believe we know. We are comfortable, we do not need truth to live. The blue pill symbolises commuting to work every day, or brushing your teeth.
The red pill is an unknown quantity. We are told that it can help us to find the truth. We don't know what that truth is, or even that the pill will help us to find it. The red pill symbolises risk, doubt and questioning. In order to answer the question, you can gamble your whole life and world on a reality you have never experienced.
However, in order to investigate which course of action to take we need to investigate why the choice is faced. Why should we even have to decide whether to pursue truth?
The answer in short, is inquisitiveness. Many people throughout human existence have questioned and enquired. Most of them have not been scientists or doctors or philosophers, but simply ordinary people asking 'what if?' or 'why?' Asking these questions ultimately leads us to a choice. Do you continue to ask and investigate, or do you stop and never ask again?

As far as how the museum’s circulation is constructed, what I'm mainly interested in is creating a sense of choice within the circulation... rather than a more linear (Destiny) circulation. By doing so I was possibly considering creating a matrix within the museum. A place without rules or controls (as far as choice of circulation) without borders or boundaries... a place where anything is possible... Where its up to make the decisions. Its up to you to choose to continue to investigate further into the museum for a deeper meaning or relationship within the exhibits or to simply walk on by with out any connecting observations.

Also I was thinking of including my previous research on illusions into the museum. I think it would be interesting to incorporate these altered “false” perceptions or illusions to alter or change the choice which is made by the people traveling with in the museum.

If my idea makes any sense to anyone please let me know how you feel about my idea. I also hope my idea will help to seed other ideas and I hope other people like Ken and Chris can find some relationship within their projects and mine and give me some feedback Thanks.

~Michael Morgan~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

well, after a somewhat stressful few days and way to much thought I think I have found the concept I am going to use. I started with the idea of a Clint Eastwood Museum but that was viewed as somewhat, well maybe superficial is one word. I did keep the core of the idea in that Eastwood' characters were all men of decisive action and certain choice, often times being the choice of life or death and all the time being the decider. Anyway, that has finally led me to the idea of a museum of choice where a maze of identical rooms will either lead the visitor through endless ciculation patterns and theoretically nowhere, yet the correct combination of choices will lead the individual or group to the roof of the museum where they will overlook the red hook community. The idea centers upon the fact that red hook is at a crossroads and choices need to be made and made by everyone. Is red hook the resurgent community alive and on the rise or is it crumbling and dead. I like to think that with the idea of red hook' future in mind people will look out and over their community and decide or choose to make a difference, people will consciously decide to act on their inner belief that things can change and life can improve. I believe it is inate to human nature that deep down we are all optimists and that we all are good.
I want to make the community choose and have them realize that they have to live with their choice, but, that the choice is truly theirs to make. Now you decide, does that make any sense?


Heres my idea for circulation...


Here are some of my elevations...Give me some input if you could guys...

Friday, April 17, 2009


Heres a few images of the preliminary sketches I made along with a couple study models...