Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I removed our old youtube site for various reasons.

But all videos are up at a NEW LOCATION!!!

All Students videos are up - and discussions will be up shortly as well. (FYI working with video is a very time intensive process, especially if you are not working with a fast computer.)

for those that used a recording for audio, if you would like to send me that recording, I can overlay it onto the video.

also, I would very much like TITLES instead of names - so email me titles for your presentation if you want. also, email me any "DESCRIPTION" or "TAG" or any other corrections.

please let me know of any problems with the videos. There are 2 videos that are missing the beginning few seconds unfortunately, this was due to a mistiming of the switching of tapes at the start of each group.

also, 2 presentations are somehow longer than 10 minutes (the maximum of allowable time for a single clip on youtube.)

but all in all, I think the videos turned out well, and they should be very helpful for you to go back and examine your own presentation and listen to the comments again.


  1. Mine isn't working for some reason, just thought id let ya know...

  2. I like what was done, but Owen, please remove Pt. 1. . . . I only have your NYIT e-mail address.